About Us

About Us

Our office is located in beautiful San Diego, CA county. We are north of down town and south of Old Town, just off of Interstate 5. Our goal is to do our best to provide excellent healthcare for patients who want to get better.

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1764 San Diego Ave #100,
San Diego, CA 92110


san diego mapIt is quite obvious for those who live in this region of southern California that most days are filled with sunshine and wonderful weather. There are over a million of us choosing this as our destination to work, raise a family, and enjoy our days. The average yearly temperature is about 70 degrees, it can be different because there is diversity; the coast could be lower, higher in town, and then maybe lower at higher altitudes. Regardless, overall it is one of the most ideal settings in the entire United States for consistently doing fun outdoor activities. We have the most amazing beaches to walk on, watch the sunset, or surf the waves from the Pacific Ocean. Our zoo is unlike any other in the world, Balboa Park is breathtaking, the Gas Lamp District, and multiple parks to hike and bike on are just naming a few of the many attractions. There is so much to be thankful for and keeping busy is generally not an issue, unless there is a physical condition that is restricting.